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linerVEnabling nanolithography


ASELTA operates in the IC manufacturing world, and provides advanced software solutions for wafer and mask patterning based on E-Beam technology.


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DNP partnersThe performance in improved pattern fidelity and writing time reduction that ASELTA is presenting is clearly showing that Inscale is one of the most effective tools for the leading edge lithographic masks that DNP is focusing on. Quote: Dr. Naoya Hayashi - Research Fellow at Dai Nippon Printing (DNP)
  • leti-log-PMy team has been using ASELTA software, Inscale, for several years, and it is up to the lithographic challenges we are facing. We are impressed by the maturity level Inscale reached already, and the tool is today used for dataprep for all our e-beam direct write equipments, including our multibeam exposures. Quote: Yorick Trouiller - CEA-LETI SPAT Manager

  • cnt-log-PWe decided to use ASELTA software solution, Inscale, after thorough market evaluations. The main decision criteria was for us to be able to improve resolution and pattern fidelity with our existing Ebeam direct write equipment. Inscale is now used extensively and provides the expected performance improvement.  Quote: Dr. Christoph Hohle - Group Manager Patterning / E-Beam at Fraunhofer CNT

  • nuflareOur EBM-8000 system users are requiring advanced data prep software. The mask writing time is a critical parameter, and we believe that partnering with Aselta will augment overall value for our common customers. Quote: Shuichi Tamamushi, Technology Executive, Mask Lithography Division, NuFlare Technology

jeol logoInscale innovative approach to dataprep is helping the mask manufacturing industry. We are fostering such initiative. Quote: Yasutoshi Nakagawa, JEOL General Manager of Semiconductor Business Unit

mapperLogoMapper and Aselta are joining forces for this new multi-beam direct write market. We have looked at Aselta technology, and believe the Inscale software solution does a good job performing the necessary dataprep task before feeding design data into our machine. Quote: Marco Wieland, Mapper’s CTO and co-founder

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