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Aselta Nanographics and JEOL Partnership to Reduce Write Times and improve resolution for Complex Photomasks


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Grenoble, 12th of December 2012

Aselta Module leverages JEOL EB Mask Writer in order to provide users with the best combination of resolution and reduced writing time.

Aselta, a supplier of advanced dataprep software solution, and JEOL Ltd., a supplier of EB Mask Writer, today announced a partnership to provide an Aselta option for the JEOL's EB Mask Writer. A new interface developed with JEOL allows Aselta to run advanced data prep and input the processed data to JEOL's EB Mask Writer.

Aselta data prep software, Inscale™, proposes a unique trade-off between pattern fidelity and writing time, allowing customers to reduce their costs while augmenting quality. The challenge of writing advanced photomasks, especially at 28nm and below, is to find the reasonable trade-off between mask pattern fidelity which drives wafer yield and writing time which ultimately drives mask cost.

By using JEOL multi level dose modulation control, Inscale™ maximizes the benefits for the users. Inscale™ smart technology is balancing resolution and dose for each shot; the technology is based on a proprietary algorithm optimizing concurrently fracturing, dose modulation and geometry.

Thanks to the dose modulation control during the dataprep step, Aselta is also proposing a new option for the JBX-3030MV and JBX-3040MV. By using the maximum e-beam size up to 2 microns instead of the default 1 micron, users can decrease writing time without quality deterioration, thanks to Inscale™ technology.

The new Inscale™ interface supports JEOL52 V3.0 and V3.1 formats and will be provided at no charge to existing Aselta customers as part of the Inscale™ release 2.1 available since May 2012

Yasutoshi Nakagawa, General Manager of Semiconductor Business Unit, explained, "Inscale innovative approach to dataprep is helping the mask manufacturing industry. We are fostering such initiative."

"Aselta and JEOL’s collaboration is benefiting our common customers," stated Serdar Manakli, Chairman and CEO of Aselta. "We have seen a consistent 20% writing time reduction for customers using Inscale™ combined with JEOL EB Mask Writer, compare to previous generation data prep solution.”


About JEOL Ltd.

JEOL is a world leader in electron optical equipment and instrumentation for high-end scientific and industrial research and development. Core product groups include electron microscopes (SEMs and TEMs), instruments for the semiconductor industry (Electron Beam Lithography Systems and Inspection tools), and analytical instruments including Mass Spectrometers.



ASELTA is a privately funded French company providing software environment mostly for the e-beam market. A CEA-LETI spin-off, incorporated in November 2009, ASELTA has production customers benefiting from its technology. Its unique architecture allows customers to increase resolution, accuracy and reduce writing time for their e-beam equipment with a seamless plug-and-play environment. Its corporate headquarters are at Minatec BHT, 7, parvis Louis Néel, BP50, 38040 Grenoble cedex.

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