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Aselta Nanographics and NuFlare Partner to Reduce Write Times and improve resolution for Complex 20-nm Photomasks


Grenoble, 10th of September 2012

Aselta Module leverages the NuFlare EBM-8000 System dose modulation control in order to give users the best combination of resolution and reduced writing time.

Aselta, a supplier of advanced dataprep software solution, and NuFlare Technology, Inc., a world leader in electron beam mask writing systems, today announced a partnership to streamline the dataflow between Aselta dataprep software solution and the NuFlare EBM-8000 mask writing system.

A new Aselta module will generate and optimize the mask data for the recently available external control of dose modulation in NuFlare machines. This capability is enabled through NuFlare new VSB12i input format which Aselta now supports. Aselta supports as well NuFlare VSB12 input format, previously available.

NuFlare also announced that the seven dose levels per variable-shaped beam shot will also become availble for the EBM-7000 as an optional upgrade. Therefore Inscale™ full benefit will also be available for EBM-7000 systems in the future.

Aselta data prep software, Inscale™, proposes a unique trade-off between pattern fidelity and writing time, allowing customers to reduce their costs while augmenting quality. The challenge of writing advanced 20nm photomasks is to find the reasonable trade-off between mask pattern fidelity which drives wafer yield and writing time which drives mask cost. By using NuFlare seven dose levels per variable-shaped beam shot, Inscale™ will maximize the benefits for the users.

Inscale™ will also allow some benefit for the previous NuFlare systems not having access to external dose modulation. Inscale™ does concurrently the fracturing steps, the dose assignment and the geometry optimization. By lowering the overall exposure dose and compensating by geometry optimization combined with improved smart shot fracturing, Inscale™ will help reducing writing time for previous generation NuFlare systems.

The module, including the VSB12 and VSB12i format interface, starts shipping in Inscale™ release 2.1, already available since May 2012, and will be provided at no charge to existing Aselta customers.

Shuichi Tamamushi, Technology Executive, Mask Lithography Division, NuFlare Technology, Inc explained, "Our EBM-8000 system users are requiring advanced data prep software. The mask writing time is a critical parameter, and we believe that partnering with Aselta will augment overall value for our common customers."

"Aselta and NuFlare's collaboration is easing the challenging mask manufacturing process," stated Serdar Manakli, president and CEO of Aselta. "This type of partnership eventually drives the necessary innovation in the mask manufacturing ecosystem”


About NuFlare Technology, Inc. 
NuFlare Technology, Inc.(JASDAQ: 6256) is a supplier of mask writing systems, mask inspection systems, and epitaxial reactor systems. NuFlare has the world’s top market share in e-beam mask writing systems and is a technology leader in mask writing systems with its production, R&D and support sites in Japan, USA, Germany, Korea and Taiwan.In fiscal year 2010/2011, NuFlare Technology, Inc. generated consolidated revenues of over JPY 30 billion. Headquarters are located at Shin-Yokohama Business Center Bldg. 10F, 3-2-6, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 222-0033.
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ASELTA is a privately funded French company providing software environment mostly for the e-beam market. A CEA-LETI spin-off, incorporated in November 2009, ASELTA has production customers benefiting from its technology. Its unique architecture allows customers to increase resolution, accuracy and reduce writing time for their e-beam equipment with a seamless plug-and-play environment. Its corporate headquarters are at Minatec BHT, Bat.52 7 Parvis Louis Néel, BP50, 38040 Grenoble.
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