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For the wafer patterning market, ASELTA helps its customers to reach previously unreachable resolution and accuracy while reducing writing time.

For the mask patterning, ASELTA helps its customers to improve pattern fidelity and process windows, therefore producing higher quality masks while reducing mask writing cost.

Inscale software offers a complete, all in one solution for design, data preparation and proximity effect correction for electron beam lithography.

Because it uses the latest advances in software development methodology, Inscale provides a highly scalable solution. It is able to manage the ever increasing data volume of current and future technology nodes.

Proprietary, patented algorithms provides unparalleled performance in terms of proximity effect correction. Concurrently optimizing dose and geometry allows reaching superior patterning fidelity while still maintaining the best trade-off between resolution and writing time.

Always built with the user perspective in mind, Inscale has a user-friendly graphical interface as well as an extremely powerful hi-level scripting language adapted for R&D and volume production use.

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Inscale comes in two flavours :

Inscale for mask making applications. it features a full jobdeck handling and viewing capability. Sizing, smashing, simulating and making correction even across block boundaries is done effortlessly.


Inscale DW for direct write on wafer covers the need of the user of single or multi e-beam tools of any beam energy. It includes a wafer mapping capability for an easy control of the pattern position. All major tool format are supported.

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Inscale major features and modules :

Design viewer/editor

Superfast loading and viewing capability allows navigating flawlessly inside GB size design files on a simple laptop. All major types of format and hierarchy architecture can be manipulated and edited in a user-friendly environment. Design generation can be performed using Aselta’s hi-level scripting language.

Powerful overlay capability

For an increased efficiency of the result analysis, the user can overlay in the blink of an eye designs, SEM images and simulation contours.

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Wafer map

Stepping plans with multiple complex pattern placements are among today’s challenges. Wafer layouts, regardless of the size, 200mm, 300mm, or 450mm dimensions, are instantly programmed into reality. Fast dose editing capability, resist sensitivity, edge bead flexibility, array placements and editing are all part of this new generation tool for direct write on wafer.

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Data analysis

You can now extract your simulation results even easier than ever before. Width, Space, Energy Latitude, … all can be measured and reported with simple, easy, and repeatable methods. You can change your PSF, Correction, or Resist Thresholds, and re-run your simulations to get instant feedback regarding your e-beam process variations. Decisions should be made on data analysis, and instant feedback can be extracted from using Inscale tools like never before.

Interactive simulation

Inside its editor, Inscale has built-in interactive simulation capability. At a click of the mouse, an interactive simulation is run over the selected windows. Results can be viewed graphically and checked for rule compliance or verification.

Calibration module

We believe that an accurate correction does not only employ efficient algorithms, but also good models. Model parameters have to be fine-tuned to the user process. Model selection and calibration is performed inside an Inscale module where the user can find a set of sensitive calibration patterns to be printed as well as an extended data analysis capability. Powerful local and global optimization algorithms are used to achieve the highest accuracy possible.

Reticle map

This not your same old jobdeck viewer and editor. Today, fracturing AND correction across chip boundaries is now possible. Besides performing standard jobdeck options like mirroring, reflecting, scaling, … global and chip level operations have never been made easier with the Parameter Options interface for any tool format. Besides overlaying multiple jobdecks and levels, imagine importing SEM images to perfectly align anywhere in the jobdeck viewing field. Imagine being able to simulate and even correct for e-beam effects never thought of before, anywhere on the entire reticle surface with no limitations.

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Correction flow generation

Want to run your flow again and again, only changing design circuits? Maybe you have multiple circuits with multiple correction strategies? That’s no problem. Inscale can handle your complex data prep flows. Automation is key to repeatable results in manufacturing flows. Let Inscale handle that for you.

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