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Partners & Alliances

    1. ASELTA partners with a wide range of organizations to develop solutions that meet the specific needs of e-Beam equipment users and manufacturers.

R&D laboratories :

In order to secure its leadership in e-beam proximity correction for the mid and long term, ASELTA has developed tight partnerships with well-known labs in order to stay connected with future industry challenges.

projects-img3See press releases from CEA Leti and from Fraunhofer CNT

Manufacturing equipment vendors :

ASELTA works with equipment manufacturing vendors in order to create and validate seamless flows for semiconductor end users.

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Industry consortium :

ASELTA is part of the industry ecosystem focusing on the e-beam equipment and as such participates actively in WW programs.

projects-img3Mask-less lithography for IC manufacturing (MAGIC) CEA-LETI launches European MAGIC program on Maskless Lithography (ML2) technology [+ read more]

projects-img3IMAGINE, ASELTA is part of the Imagine program [+ read more]

projects-img3e-beam Initiative, ASELTA Nanographics joins Ebeam initiative consortium [+ read more]

projects-img3Minalogic is one the world's top centers for development of nano and micro technologies with ASELTA Nanographics [+ read more]

projects-img3SEMI® is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chain [+ read more]


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