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Published Papers:

SPIE       2016 - Complete Data Preparation Flow for Massively Parrallel E-Beam Lithography on 28nm Node Full Field Design

JVSTB    2015 - Application of cubic spline models in electron beam lithography

BACUS   2015 - Sensitivity analysis for the high accuracy proximity effect correction

BACUS   2015 - Mask process matching using a model based data preparation solution

PMJ        2015 - Model-Based Data Preparation and Verification for Mask Manufacturing

SPIE       2015 - Alternative Stitching Method for Massively Parallel E-Beam Lithography

BACUS   2014 Photonic curvilinear data processing

BACUS   2014 - Effective corner rounding correction in the data preparation for electron beam lithography

BACUS   2013 Shot count reduction for non-Manhattan geometries: concurrent optimization of data fracture and mask writer design

EMLC     2013 Extreme Long Range Process Effects Characterization and Compensation

PMJ       2013 - Verification: an enabler for Model Based Data Prepartion

BACUS  2012 - Advanced Module for Model Parameter Extraction using Global Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis for Electron Beam Proximity Effect Correction

PMJ       2012 - A novel mask proximity correction software combining accuracy and reduced writing time for the manufacturing of advanced photomasks

SPIE      2012 - Improved electron backscattering representation using a new class of distribution : application to EUV masks

SPIE      2011 - Combined dose and geometry correction (DMG) for low energy multi electron beam lithography (5kV) : Application to the 16nm node

MNE      2011 - Sensitivity analysis for accurate determination of PSF parameters

BACUS  2011 - Efficient large volume data preparation for electron beam lithography for sub-45nm node

MNC      2011 - Data Preparation solution for e-beam multiple pass exposure : Reaching sub-22nm nodes with a tool dedicated to 45nm

SPIE      2010 - Multiple pass exposure in e-beam lithography – Application to the sub-22nm nodes

EMLC    2009 - New writing strategy in electron beam direct write lithography to improve critical dense lines patterning for sub-45nm nodes


Poster Sessions and White Papers:

SPIE      2016 - OPC for Curved Designs in Application to Photonics on Silicon

BACUS  2013 - Metrology Variability and its Impact in Process Modeling

SPIE      2013 - Reticle Level Compensation for Long Range Effects

              2012 - ASELTA White Paper

SPIE      2012 - Challenges in Data treatment and Proximity effects correction for massively parallel electron lithography

SPIE      2012 - Improved electron backscattering representation using a new class of distribution: application to EUV masks