Aselta Nanographics at a glance…

Company :

Spun off in 2010 from the world-leading CEA-Leti research lab in Grenoble with whom we have a joint advanced laboratory.

Team :

30 talented experts with strong know-how expertise in physical electronics modeling for SEM & TEM metrology as well as mask writing expertise.

Expertise & Core business :

- Strong modeling capabilities and deep knowledge in process control.
- Best-in-class software platforms to improve the lithography quality process : Off-the-shelf and customized solutions.

Our platforms :

INSCALE : Offers the best trade-off between quality of results and write time for E-Beam technology, including EUV masks with ILT curvilinear patterns.

SIMPL : relies on Aselta’s extended knowledge of the Ebeam effects to provide model-based contour extraction and a complete metrology platform for measuring beyond.

Customers :

We work with worldwide major Fabs, Mask shops and tool equipment providers : The modularity and the high flexibility of our solutions make us selected by top players.


Aselta Nanographics
4, place Robert Schuman

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