• Aselta Inscale software is a comprehensive platform defined as a toolbox : it is very easy to optimize specific use cases, such as hotspot removal, software process matching, write time reduction…
  • The tool is based on powerful accurate empirical models, taking into account both exposure and process effects, including etching, loading, etc.
  • It can concurrently optimize fracturing, dose modulation and geometry optimization.
  • And it comes with the mandatory verification tools such as process simulators, geometry checkers, mask shot checkers
  • Aselta modeling has proven capabilities in industrial applications of EUV mask writing
  • Inscale proposes a full set of tools for mask data preparation :
    - Model-based MPC
    - Rule-based MPC
    - Advanced fracturing
    - Shot rule check
    - Model-based check
  • Inscale has an unique curvilinear MPC functionality, ready for the next generation of ILT masks from multi-beam mask writers
  • Inscale supports all the major formats of the industry.

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