Sep 7, 2021
The Electronic System Design Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community, welcomes Aselta Nanographics, of Grenoble, France, provider of advanced software solutions for wafer and mask patterning based on e-beam technology, as its newest member.

“Joining the ESD Alliance is a great opportunity to stay connected with the EDA community and take an active part in the discussions driving the future of semiconductor manufacturing,” remarks Yorick Trouiller, Aselta Nanographics’ CEO.

“Aselta Nanographics is making its mark in the semiconductor industry, and we are pleased it is joining as a member of the ESD Alliance,” comments Bob Smith, its executive director. “Companies like Aselta are helping manage increased complexity of mask data preparation due to technology improvements such as multi-beam mask writers and EUV lithography, and the ability to measure/inspect the effects both on reticle and on wafer.”

A spin-off of CEA-Leti, Aselta Nanographics maintains strong links with cutting-edge fundamental research and applies it to deliver advanced industrial solutions to customers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. It initially developed e-beam proximity effect correction software and now offers a portfolio of products that includes mask data preparation and metrology.

As a member of the ESD Alliance, Aselta Nanographics is also a member of SEMI, the global industry association representing the worldwide electronic product design and manufacturing supply chain.

About Aselta Nanographics
Aselta Nanographics of Grenoble, France, develops software tools to improve the quality process of chip production. It operates in the IC manufacturing world providing advanced software solutions for wafer and mask patterning based on e-beam technology as well as solutions for contour-based metrology. Aselta is currently developing cutting-edge software solutions for improving wafer fab and maskshop production yield for next generation nodes. For more information, see :

About the SEMI Electronic System Design Alliance
The Electronic System Design (ESD) Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community representing members in the electronic system and semiconductor design ecosystem, is a community that addresses technical, marketing, economic and legislative issues affecting the entire industry. It acts as the central voice to communicate and promote the value of the semiconductor design ecosystem as a vital component of the global electronics industry.

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